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an N95 – A Shopping trip and bored!

I know I have seen this kind of list some where else but there is my version of it.

Best foot forwardThis is the I have a smart phone and I am bored list some times (Also know as the why does my wife get bored with tech so quickly but can shop for hours not noticing the vague look on my face)

So here is my list

  1. Write a blog entry about how you are using your smart phone to amuse you in the shopping centre via WaveLog
  2. Look for free wifi to post your blog entry (did not do so well on that front)
  3. Look for new WAYS to get home via the maps that does not go past any more shops
  4. Use the Accelerometer to see if the chair you are sitting on is level.
  5. Use the Maps to see when it will get dark on the other side of the world
  6. Check that the dictionary has all the correct words you want in it
  7. Add random photos to your contact list
    Shiny foor
  8. Move things around the Menu system, just to optimise accessing programmes.
  9. Take photos of everything you can. Your feed, the ground, the ceilingLook Up
  10. Make sure that your contact lists is sorting by last name and that every phone number has the full country code dialling
  11. Read all the Help manuals on the phone
  12. Get annoyed at wave log for not working as well as it should forcing you to make notes
  13. Check that all your geo-tagged photos show up on the maps correctly.
  14. Send Tweets out describing your bordom
    1. Listening to Depeche Mode’s Something to do. apt given i am just waiting for the shops to shut then & only then will i be free curse ex … … 05:38 PM June 22, 2008 from txt
    2. Over heard oh god i am so bored (oh wait i did say that not loud never mind) 04:14 PM June 22, 2008 from txt
    3. Now at the dfo why do girls like shopping so much 03:45 PM June 22, 2008 from txt
    4. I think i am the only straight man in the department 02:40 PM June 22, 2008 from txt
    5. No man chair in the hand bag section of myer i have to stand what is the world coming to 02:31 PM June 22, 2008 from txt
    6. At the biggest shopping centre in australia and do you think i can find wifi at the top food hall no   02:01 PM June 22, 2008  from txt