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Open Letter to NineMSN

(update after the comment below and a discussion with @prawn_gravies NineMSN have now updated the story to include a link to the original content.  Good to see they are listening…    )

Here is how the internet works…

Someone creates funny and unique content, it may be a mashup of your content for example.  They will upload it to say Youtube…

Then what happens is that people link to it.

They do not do the following..

Pull the video from Youtube, wrap it in their own branded player… then write a story about how said video went “VIRAL” and then not put a link to the original content, nor mention the creator of the original content.

I am looking at you Henri Paget in particular as your name is on the by-line!

Of course if you like we can just pull your content and claim it as our own if you like?

The NineMSN version of the story…. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/1039487/vicious-dog-man-basks-in-barking-glory

And the source video… by djhippster

so ninemsn… google attribution and see what it means…

here I have done it for you..

Definitions of attribution on the Web:

“In journalism, a source is a person, publication, or other record or document that gives information”