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Why FireReady Info wasn't a waste of tax payers money!

From yesterday and over the next few days most Victorians will recieve “to the householder” mail from the Premier’s Office containing the FireReady information for this year.

Now I did notice a number of people in my Twitter timeline point out they lived in highrise buildings, or close to the city e.t.c and that that information was useless to them.

Sure, if you live in your house in the middle of the CBD like a hermit, then yes this information will be useless to you.  But if you live in Victoria and do go outside in summer then this information does effect you.  If you do any of the following for example: Head to the Yarra for wine tasting during the summer months, go for a BBQ anywhere close to the urban fringe, take visitors up to Mount Dandenong, head down the Great Ocean Road, go up to Healesville Sancturary, a day spa in Daylesford or just a country drive then this information is going to be helpful.

Unless you are aware of what the fire danger ratings are, who to listen to for emergency information and what signs to look out for, you could end up being caught in a rapidly deteriorating situation. During Black Saturday, the fire front was spotting 20km+ infront of itself.  This kind of situation is uncontrollable by the authorities, not being aware of how the Fire Authorities work, will lead to you being in serious trouble.

So before you go and jump on a bandwagon and criticise information that you deem to be useless, stop and think what you do during summer and realise you could be caught out.

I implore all Victorians ( and other states ) to stop and take 10 minutes out of your busy schedule to read this information.  Learn what the various levels of alert mean, learn which broadcasters will have the information on the day that could save your life.