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Yeah… am a finalist in a real comp…..

They say being Nominated is an honour… well for me it is….

the below photo has been short listed in the Flickr Getty Images Grab Comp. ( See the other finalists here.. http://bit.ly/gO8d8R )

Blue Evening Ride

This one one of my evening wandering shots around Melbourne, whilst Mrs Wolfcat was in her art class.

Taking this shot was surprisingly hard.  The bridge that you stand on to get this view gets a very nice bounce when people walk on it.  So even an 8 second exposure means you have to check that people aren’t coming on the bridge at the same time.  I chose this shot over the others I took that night to put up as it managed to get its own story with the blue.  As the Ferris wheel moves it cycles through colours, so there was more than a touch of luck in this shot getting the last of the blue in the sky and the wheel at the same time.

For those that were wondering the EXIF behind the shot:

Camera:  Nikon D90
Exposure: 8 Seconds
Aperture: f/9.0
Focal Length: 15 mm
Lens: Tokina 11-16mm f2.8
ISO Speed: 250
Flash: No Flash
Exposure Program: Manual

I’m not sure of the opening times, but all twenty finalists, but it should be on display at the Challis Studios, 29 Challis Ave, Potts Point NSW 2010, from Dec 2.

And of course you can buy this image at Redbubble as well….