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Did you back up today…. and what if the computer was stolen…

End of the month for me is bring harddrive home time.

Now, this isn’t the best backup system in the world, but chances are it is better than the one you have. ( yes even better than a lot of small businesses have ).

Why, well if my house was burgled, chances are they are going to go for the computer. Although to be honest I hope the giant case which is really heavy would make them reconsider. And say you are good, and backup to an external HD, chances are that is going to go at the same time. If the house burnt down, or even if there was a lightning strike that took out the surge protectors, my data is still safe.

My data is backed up completely once a month and stored 15km away.  Any disaster that takes out the computer and the backup I’m thinking my photos is somewhat of a lower priority.

Now, I could be super organised and do weekly backups offsite, but I figure worst case is I loss 30 days of emails, and some photos. But at least that would be all.

I backup up to a 1.5tb drive that gets used twice a month for a few hours… given what the mean time between failures on a hd is, this is certainly better than keeping it all at home.

So now we are at the end of the month, stop and think, what if the house burnt down…  how much of your digital life would you loose.