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New Toy – HTC Incredible S

– Stantard Disclaimer First…

The HTC Incredible S was supplied by HTC and Optus as a review device, the terms and conditions of this review are to do a number of reviews over afew weeks, sharing my experience as I use the device. There are 5 HTC Incredible Reviewers, all whose content will appear first on the HTCAU Facebook Diary Page

Like the Telstra Desire Social Review Program from last year, I do get to keep the device once the review period is complete. ( As an aside, I am still using the HTC Desire that was part of the review program from last year )


My First Post…….

Don’t you hate it when someone gets a toy before you do…. especially when you knew you were getting the same toy. Well that is how I felt when it was with dread that my new HTC Incredible S wasn’t going to arrive till after Easter. Still, I did manage to get lots of chores done instead of playing with my new phone all weekend, which I am sure my much better half wouldn’t have liked.

So finally today it has arrived….. hmmm… shiny… hmmm… fast…hmmm… big screen…. hmmm, no make that huge screen…. hmmm not as banged up as my HTC Desire is looking. (Note, I am hard on phones due in no small part to being clumsy, and whilst the Desire has a few dents, it is still going fine), hmmm… shiny.. oh wait Ialready said that.

First thing, plug in the very swanky power adapter to charge the phone up some more. This thing is tiny, a couple of prongs and a USB port, perfect for the road warrior (sorry not THAT road warrior, no phone reception beyond thunderdome) to chuck in their kit. Although to labour the point, within a few min of comparing the Desire to the Incredible S, it is a case of two phones enter one phone leaves. ( Thanks Desire, you have done me proud )

Admire the big screen, hmmm shiny big screen… sorry… Now, first things first pull the back off, has HTC fixed that annoying placement of the SD Card slot that was on the Desire, whew, yep, tick that. With the Sim card placed under the battery as well, you can just pick up a spare battery to chuck in your kit bag.

Next, log into my Gmail Account, press sync and oh look all my contacts on my phone done and dusted, well that was easy. Now I am bit of a power user, with custom screens, software etc all over the place, so I really haven’t had a proper play with the phone but Foursquare and Seesmic are installed already.

Unlike when I got my first Android phone, this isn’t a huge change for me, there are lots of things I am looking forward to testing, the maps, the camera, battery etc, which are all said to be improved.

I’ve only just had a quick play and whilst the new HTC Sense has moved some things around, most settings are where I expected them to be. For a quick play with this phone, it has ticked a number of boxes I was hoping it would… now to really get stuck in.

(P.S to whomever at HTC said make the soft buttons rotate at the bottom of the screen in Apps, a big thanks, I like it )