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Android Weather Apps on my Incredible S

Not a bad sunset ( HTC Incredible S photo )(another cross post from the HTC Diaries )

Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you.

No, not the Crowded House song, but a few apps for your HTC Incredible Sin Australia. Whilst, you can just use the weather widget clock, which is handy if you work in a dark basement to tell if it is cloudy or even day or night time, a few more details can come in handy.

I use a combination of two dedicated apps.

Firstly is the very good ( adware supported ) app from Weatherzone. This app, will not only give you a number of widgets that you can add to one of your 6 home screens, it will on opening give you a lot more information than just the temp.

With detailed weather warnings, the current temp, feels like temp, chance of rain on a given day it will really help to ensure you don’t get caught out. On the details section you’ll also see the rainfall for the day, current humidity etc. As this app can pull your location, either via mobile tower or GPS, you’ll get the current weather for your location, or you can just fix the location if you want.

Whilst the Weatherzone app does have a radar viewer, I find the dedicated app Aussie Weather Radar is much cleaner and more detailed. Not only, will it give you all the zoom levels for the radar for your current location, you can zoom out to state level or see the radar traces for all of the BOM’s radars around Australia.

Once you get used to using the radar app, you can time when to leave work, or to pick up the kids from the park with an incoming storm for example.

Now, if only there was a remember my umbrella app, I’d be home and dry.

(P.S, if I am missing a must have weather app for Australia, please let me know )