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While the #wolfcatcubs are Langoliers, they do make up for it…

For those that don’t remember Langoliers are creatures that eat time.

The Cubs are certainly that.  The last 3 months have both flown by and dragged by at the same time.  But now, they both are starting to find their own voice, and follow you around the room with their eyes.  So they are starting to be real people as well.

We have also decided that Erin is a south paw, just like her old man and Zara is right handed just like her mum.

But we take solace from the fact that their blood group is a rating system on how we did in creating them… Yes we got an A+.

So here are a couple of shots from the weekend….

Hey dad, I like you….
Hey dad, I like you....

each of the #wolfcatcubs are only half evil… but together….
each of the #wolfcatcubs are only half evil... but together....

a #wolfcatcub doing hard time already
a #wolfcatcub doing hard time already


And I am finally getting the hang of doing portrait photos… but still so much to learn about using a proper flash.  If only I had some time left over….