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No SMEG you’re not a Fucking Expert.

Oh for crying out loud suddenly all the SMEG’s ( Social Media Expert Guru’s ) and the wanna be SMEG’s are now experts on the inner workers of the human mind.  Suddenly how to deal with a bully can be put into a pretty flow chart or a ranty blog post and everything will be just fine. Life isn’t black and white, (it certainly isn’t 50 shades of grey either) nor can it be condensed to 140 chars.

The arguments seem to be either a: Don’t feed the trolls, or b: Person X is bad because they did something different bad to person Y.

I mean WTF, seriously, get over yourselves. So ignoring the hate comments telling to kill yourself is the only thing to do.  Why not draw attention to what is being said?  How people deal with this is a complicated issue.  An issue that can change in the blink of an eye, 1 or 2 comments fine most people can ignore, but a barrage of them, that is going to hurt. Shades of first they came for… then they came for me in that defence.

Even the conspiracy theorists have piped up with their two cents worth stating it was all “too convenient”

Of course there is also the small matter of what does it matter, say compared to 5 Australian Diggers dying.  I hadn’t heard of the parties involved prior to yesterday. Why, because I didn’t care for that kind of TV show.  Now when I don’t care for a TV show, I don’t rant and rave about it, I just don’t watch it.  Radical concept I know, but a few of you should try it out sometime.

I’d rather rant and rave about how my fav TV show has been cancelled, or that the final ep of BSG should have finished 30 min earlier than it did.

I am not an expert, I never claimed to be, but personal attacks are just not on.  I will criticise politicians, and I will criticise “I got daddy’s money” mining billionaires all the time.  But I don’t make it about their appearance or their personality, I’ll make it about the policy and the impact that has on people. And if I don’t care, I don’t care, I just won’t watch nor interact with them.

Of course last weekend everyone was an expert on Trademark and IP law, the week before Norwegian criminal law and next week it will be on the inner workers of a device that has not been released yet.

Perhaps a few less flow charts and a few less non qualified two bit psychologists ranting about how someone they don’t know, and a situation, they don’t and can’t have all the facts on, should have done something different really could not go astray at this time.

Now excuse me whilst I go to continue my push for TV execs to release plot outlines for shows 6 months after they are cancelled, cause that at least might achieve something.

Just stop and think how awesome this photo is #MSL

Stop and think about this shot.

What you need.

  • 1 probes around Mars
  • 1 Mars Science Lander ( MSL )
  • The MSL was launched Nov. 26, 2011
  • The chute was open for just over one minute.
  • When the chute opened the MSL was doing Mach 1.7
  • Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter needed to be pointing in the right location
  • It took 8months for Curiosity to get to Mars
  • The journey of the MSL was 566 million kilometers
  • It takes commands or info 13.8 minutes to travel each way
  • Praying to get the shot wasn’t going to work, but Maths and Physics did
  • The shot was taken from a distance of 340 kilometers
  • 1 second out in the timing and the shot would be of just Mars ( still cool when you think about it )


And that is just for starters.  This is big science people and it is big in how awesome it is.


and see The real cost of the Curiosity by John Birmingham as well.