and the review continues #telstradesire

Well it will continue for me, why because I get to keep the phone.  This was the most controversial part of the project by a few very vocal critics.  Whilst I was lucky to be on holiday at the time all of that fuss blew up and in some respect over, I thought I would just add my thoughts on that.  I knew of some of the reviewers… and I have actually meet some of the reviewers and they are the people I would have gone to and asked about the phone before this came along.

One thing with most of the reviewers running blogs is that the review process will not stop because of the “two week limitation” of the actual review. I know that already some of the reviewers are looking at Android 2.2 on there devices, I can just keep following them and see what they do.

I think that the guys and girls and Telstra do deserve a big stiff drink after this experiment and I think it has been really interesting.  The reviews have been more indepth and critical than any other Australian Media review that I have encountered and yet people were saying that the reviews would be tainted.

Yes I have been up and down with the phone and I am still working on the final review this weekend, however I am using the phone.  During the first few days I kept going back to my N95-8gb, mostly out of familiarity and in a few cases for a feature.  I’m still cursing under my breath entering text on the keyboard and bumping the volume control way to often.  Even now I am much more familiar with the device to the point I would recommend it, with the caveat of a few tweaks here and there.. some by adding new default apps,  some by Telstra removing Wap Links that look like apps.

This recommendation comes from two weeks of playing and learning (more like 9 days from when the phone arrived).  In a few more weeks I will have refined the Apps list, worked out a few more tips and tricks and maybe just maybe have found a decent keyboard.  Then it will be like most computer reviews… because really this is a computer that makes phone calls and fits in your pocket.  Great computer.. needs the following software.

I’ll be tweaking the blog as I move over to Android.. keeping the old N95 stuff but adding some new categories…

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