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Why do people by Dvd's…..

Time for an annoyance. We went to the movies tonight. (Don’t ask… fine it was Sex and The City, revenge for seeing Die Hard 4.0 (on MY birthday I presume))

Southlands at Night Managed to take a nice photo (insert here) and had one hour to kill before the flick.  So first things first. A quick look around to see if I can have a play with an n78 the next purchase phone for my lovely wife.  Asked at one shop (Crazy Johns for those that are interested) only to be told… at least 2 months away.  Pity I can buy it from retailers in town.  So big fat FAIL for staff training at this chain. But in typical Wolfy fashion I digress from the title of the blog post.

Movie Ticket Prices are a big load of steaming hot smelly turds.

Ok… cost of seeing Sex and the City for 2 people was $31.00Aud (plus additional cost of pop corn and coke $14).  Now here is another way of looking at it.  Cost of buying DVD on day of release (28.99 or there abouts, cost of a decent Sav Blanc from the Yarra $15) So if I buy the DVD which one then owns and can pause when ever I like and a nice bottle of wine is still less than the cost of going to see it at the cinema.  Oh yes and I have a popcorn machine so for about 50c I can make a shit load of popcorn as well.  Now my screen at home ain’t as big.  The sound system is a lot more focused and just as loud and of course there is the all mighty pause button.

But wait I still haven’t got to the main thing that pissed me off.  Standing there buying tickets I noticed that if you see a movie on a Friday night or a Saturday night they will charge you and extra 50c per ticket.  THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE TO THEIR RUNNING COSTS AT FUCKING ALL.  Who are they kidding with that.  Oh lets fuck people over some more cause it is a busy night.  Fine I get the No free ticket thing, sure you can have that.  But why charge more and then bitch and complain that people are pirating DVD’s and stealing torrents.

Wake up and smell the CAT FOOD PEOPLE!.  Vote with your feet.  Head to JBHIFI or what ever retailer you prefer and buy the movie you want to see.  Then get all your friends over tell them to bring a bottle of wine/soft drink and that you will spring for the popcorn and in the process save your self a shit load of money. And only ever go to the cinema on a Tuesday night.  That way they might get the hint that people want to see movie’s; they just don’t want to be shafted for it.