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Allowing Barnaby to speak on Science is not just indulgent it is culpable. #carbontax

“To venture down the path of a recalibration of our nation’s economy based on a colourless, odourless gas is not just indulgent, it is culpable.” – Barnaby Joyce – Oct 11 – 2011

Poor Barnaby really didn’t do well in science did he.

I guess, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Methane, LPG ( that is the gas that we have built a large chunk of the economy on, one that we add the smell to ) don’t count. Oh and every other gas as well….

Perhaps he would be happy to sit in a room full of Radon for example.

But Barnaby isn’t alone in this…  eg.. Abbott earlier this year.

Allowing politicians to make such statements is not just indulgent it is culpable.



As an aside, but within the same context of nut job statements.  If you stand up in the Gallery at Parliament and scream out Democracy is dead and A: Don’t Get Shot even entering the building, B: Don’t realise that Parliament is sitting as scheduled, and C: Don’t remember you will get a chance to vote in the next two years, you are an idiot.

My children are going to be the benefactors from this legislation. No it won’t reduce the temperature in the the short or even medium term. It is designed to halt the rise that is already coming.

— Update —

Dec 7 2011 Via Twitter: @Barnaby_Joyce Carbon tax working already coldest start to summer in years. See just talking changes the weather.

This tweet would be funny, or ironic even, but in light of what he has said before, I fear he actually thinks this!

While the #wolfcatcubs are Langoliers, they do make up for it…

For those that don’t remember Langoliers are creatures that eat time.

The Cubs are certainly that.  The last 3 months have both flown by and dragged by at the same time.  But now, they both are starting to find their own voice, and follow you around the room with their eyes.  So they are starting to be real people as well.

We have also decided that Erin is a south paw, just like her old man and Zara is right handed just like her mum.

But we take solace from the fact that their blood group is a rating system on how we did in creating them… Yes we got an A+.

So here are a couple of shots from the weekend….

Hey dad, I like you….
Hey dad, I like you....

each of the #wolfcatcubs are only half evil… but together….
each of the #wolfcatcubs are only half evil... but together....

a #wolfcatcub doing hard time already
a #wolfcatcub doing hard time already


And I am finally getting the hang of doing portrait photos… but still so much to learn about using a proper flash.  If only I had some time left over….

Good old Westboro… Getting the Level Up for Irony


Tweet from a member of the Westboro Church, stating they will picket Jobs funeral... sent from an iphone.

Whilst I thought iphones were evil, it was because they were overpriced and under featured.

But it turns out they are <grandpa simpson voice>evil.. I tell you, evil evil iphones</grandpa simpson voice>… so evil that the man that “invented” them must be punished.

Surely if you are going to protest at the funeral of this person you are going straight to hell as well for using his device..

What next, eating shellfish or cloth of two different fabrics, it will be the ruin of us all..

Fairfax said autoplay ads to stop in September – it is now October. (Now November )

Now, I don’t want to harp on or anything… but hey Fairfax…

“Fairfax’s Metropolitan Media division is to abandon its controversial autoplay policy from September ahead of a major expansion of its online video offering.” ( AdNews 21 April 2011 )

Perhaps you are using a different calendar to the rest of Australia. Or perhaps because you did not specify a particular year, you meant 2015?

Perhaps you thought, hey lets make a date so far in the “internet” future no one will remember.

But it is now October 2011, your autoplay ads ensure that if I come across a story I never finish reading it, I just go elsewhere. ( Update: Nov 3 – nope Autoplay videos are still there!)

Oh and while your at it, don’t have video stories when it is just a radio interview and all the content is covered in the text anyway.

The autoplay video is even MORE annoying, who thought that would be possible? When you have one of your “Live Updating” pages.  Not only do you have to hit stop once, you have to do it every 90 seconds. Oh wait no I don’t I can just go to another website.

(Oh and one more think, for the love of god, please fix your pages so that when I click “Show More Comments” please just show me more comments, don’t push me back to the top of the page and make me scroll.  Please look up the Anchor Tag in any HTML guide and use that. )

Holy crap the #wolfcatcubs are growing

They say  a picture is worth a thousand words…

Well this one is what feels like a thousand nappies.

The first shot is from the day we brought the Wolfcat Cubs home…

#wolfcatcubs - 10days old vs 13 weeks old

The second is from Sunday 2 Oct 2011.

As Mrs Wolfcat and I were just saying the other day it doesn’t feel like three months… it feels so so so so much longer.

Before we know it they will be out getting high paid jobs looking after their ageing parents ( well that is the plan ).

The other thing is, that given their current growth rate of at least 250grams per week, I estimate they will be 100kg by the time the are 8 years old. Or even more scary, is they have doubled in the last 3 months, which could mean they will be 10kg by 6 months and 20kg at 9 months and 40kg by their first birthday. ( Note: Maths is not my strong point, nor is a detailed understanding of human growth curves )

Wake up dad....