Allowing Barnaby to speak on Science is not just indulgent it is culpable. #carbontax

“To venture down the path of a recalibration of our nation’s economy based on a colourless, odourless gas is not just indulgent, it is culpable.” – Barnaby Joyce – Oct 11 – 2011

Poor Barnaby really didn’t do well in science did he.

I guess, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Methane, LPG ( that is the gas that we have built a large chunk of the economy on, one that we add the smell to ) don’t count. Oh and every other gas as well….

Perhaps he would be happy to sit in a room full of Radon for example.

But Barnaby isn’t alone in this…  eg.. Abbott earlier this year.

Allowing politicians to make such statements is not just indulgent it is culpable.



As an aside, but within the same context of nut job statements.  If you stand up in the Gallery at Parliament and scream out Democracy is dead and A: Don’t Get Shot even entering the building, B: Don’t realise that Parliament is sitting as scheduled, and C: Don’t remember you will get a chance to vote in the next two years, you are an idiot.

My children are going to be the benefactors from this legislation. No it won’t reduce the temperature in the the short or even medium term. It is designed to halt the rise that is already coming.

— Update —

Dec 7 2011 Via Twitter: @Barnaby_Joyce Carbon tax working already coldest start to summer in years. See just talking changes the weather.

This tweet would be funny, or ironic even, but in light of what he has said before, I fear he actually thinks this!

3 Responses to “Allowing Barnaby to speak on Science is not just indulgent it is culpable. #carbontax”

  1. The “we can’t even see it” line really is beyond belief. I guess viruses don’t exist either Barnaby?

    The analogs to the Tea Party movement are worrying. When did conservative start to mean “anti-science”?

  2. Great post – a few refresher courses in science wouldn’t go astray (but refresher assumes they have studied science at some stage – and that I don’t – given the stupid statements coming out of the mouths of so many people regarding carbon emissions).

  3. Barnaby is quite the enigma. He is a keen student of things botanical but he goes off half-cocked on high-school level chemistry.

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