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GIGO = (Hubris + MSM / #spill) (The Feedback loop that distracted a nation)

There is an old axiom in programming… “Garbage in, Garbage out”

A combination of hubris from certain members of the Labor party, and desperate trawling for a spill story since the media missed the last Labor leadership spill, ( no point in mention the last 2 first term Liberal leaders getting rolled, that seems to be a non story ) all combined into an unholy mess today. Garbage in, Garbage out.

Now, this is not to discount that certain members of the Labor party really did want Kevin Rudd back in the top job.  The desire to put Kevin in the top job, was seemingly defined as “at any cost”.  The real cost here is the chance of a two to three term Abbott Govt.  such is the damage they have inflicted on the Labor brand.  They wanted Rudd, and were going to leak and spoil till they got it.

Couple this with a media hungry for a leadership spill, once again, we ignore the two first term ( one not even in the country at the time ) spills that the state Libs have had.  Over 81 stories about the spill being any time soon have been written since 2011. All declaring the Gillard is toast, Gillard is dead, too late for Gillard, Rudd will save the day.

Now the media took any titbit of info leaked from Labor, gave it massive prominence and ran with it.  Creating nothing more than and old fashioned feedback loop.  Media run story, Rudd leakers sensing blood, leak info, Media run story, spill about to happen. Add in some old fashioned “Polling Data” around “who would you vote for if the election was held today” questions and you have the makings of today’s shit storm.

The media so desperate for this to become true finally got its story.  The Spill was on, called, history may well show based on a media fiction, wrapped in a poll enigma, bundled in hubris. Yet when it came down to it, the truth, which the media seemed to ignore, so proud they had finally predicted the spill ( just don’t mention all the times they got it wrong ) is the Kevin never had the numbers.

There is no point in even going into the media reporting everything the Liberals said about the lead up to today as true.  All those, Gillard gone tomorrow, Gillard is toast, special Cabinet meeting, #spill, #itison, “a taxi driver told me Gillard is gone” shit that the media printed lock stock and barrel. ( Note to media, if an Opposition say something, check their agenda first you IDIOTS )

Poor Kevin, or his supporters, they ended up believing their own hype.  A hype that the media cycle, wanted, needed, demanded, created and when push came to shove since 2011, just bloody made up turned out to be just that. Hype.

Even the bookies ran with the media perception of the event.  At around 2pm the odds were $6.00 Gillard to 1.10 Rudd.  The bookies often held up to be such an accurate reflection of real world events got done over because they fell for the hype.

Of course, nothing changed today.  That doesn’t fit the narrative.  Kevin didn’t run, why would he, he didn’t have the numbers. But his supporters given the last 1000 days of a Gillard Government, will keep leaking.  The media, having tasted blood in the water will keep circling.  The cycle begins anew.

Let us just not mention, Ashby,  Torbay, Wall punching Mr Teflon, the we lied about getting our policies Audited, or just for the fun of it, let’s sack 25,000 public servants to start with, that sounds like a good policy.  No, most of those things require research, not just relying on leaks from vested interests from Rudd supporters and Liberal Party members who still feel pissed the Julia out negotiated them hands down to form government.

Come Monday, the cycle starts again, you have been warned.




I can’t be the only one that saw this connection with the new pope…


The similarities are just so close…. and I am not just talking about how they look they same.

Don’t worry The Age, I’ve rewritten your badly written poll for you.

Poor The Age, the printed version went Tabloid, just like the Web…

So The Age has a poll in regards to the just slightly changing weather in Melbourne.  By slightly changing I mean, 157 years of records have never produced more than 6 days in a row over 32c, we just had 9 of them.

March days in a row over 30c was previously 7, yep, just had 9 of them.  The longest run of days over 30c was 8 in any month, we just had 9. Hottest March night on record and most nights over 20c in March as well.  So it is not like we haven’t broken a whole pile more “Climate Records” as well.

Of course, this is just the end of the 123 extreme weather records (+) broken during Australia’s “angry summer”.  Long term records for everything from hottest day ever in Australia, to rainfall rates and flood levels.

My beef isn’t with the weather though; I am just annoyed at The Age.

Poll: Has the current heatwave changed your opinion of climate change? (Yes/No)

Now, how do I answer a question like this.

Unlike most of the Liberal and National Parties and mining magnates, I don’t think Climate change is a global conspiracy to put scientists into fast sports cars with expense accounts.  I do think Climate Change is real, based on something called evidence. So do I answer this question NO, because that is the logical answer, or do I answer YES.  If I answer No, am I not seen as supporting a fundamentally flawed argument that extreme weather is not part of climate change, or belonging to the “we have had hot weather before” brigade. If I answer “YES”, then oh suddenly I am on-board with Climate Change being real, which isn’t the case either.

What about a different option for the question “Do you think the current heatwave is due to climate change”, see not that hard, please where do I send the bill.