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The LOLstralian – Paywalls and Public content ( How News Ltd plans it survival in the digital age.)

How News Ltd plans it survival in the digital age.

Step 1:

Create Content using publicly available information.

Step 2:
Place content behind a rock solid paywall. (By rock solid, I mean picture a sponge that has been shot at with a shotgun, the dropped from a great hight and shot again )

Step 3:
Embed public facing third party platform on your page behind said paywall.

Yes, News Ltd the world is laughing… but at you, not with you when it comes to what is happening to Fairfax.



Hey Main Stream Media… not everything on the internet is real you know. #melbquake.

Many of you may have seen the #melbquake video showing a cat strumming a guitar while the earthquake happened.

Of course if you stopped and thought about it, it was a fake. The camera person didn’t react, the cat’s reaction wasn’t right, the sound wasn’t right and the quake didn’t come in 3 waves…. but hey it was a cute video.

The “Cat earthquake Video”

The “Original Version” ( Very hard to find, you know you had to read the comments in the video )

And for the bonus extra laughs The Channel 7 news version.

Once again, traditional media seems to think that Youtube is like some wire service when it comes to attribution, really is it that hard to put the persons name in the super ( See my previous run in with Channel 9 lifting my content here ).

That aside, did either 7 or 10 even bother to check the video or in the rush to put something out (22 hours later) did you think no one would notice. It is a pity more people don’t question the content you show on your “news”.

Funny how footage coming out of Syria or Egypt often has a voice over saying “unverified”, but this content must be legit because it was on youtube.

I won’t even go into the News Ltd articles that were behind a paywall which featured nothing more than user generated content from twitter, that is a whole other rant.

Beyond pathetic, beyond lazy and if you were wondering why MSM is in trouble, wonder no more.


In a unrelated note: there is my “I survived” t-shirt.

Exclusive – The Lineup Image that ACA used.

Seeing as TT and ACA are now at each others throats again, over who said what, didn’t say what and how much somewhat was going to get paid. ( Oh and the new ACA line of government conspiracies for silence )

I present to you the line up Image that ACA used.

Image the question: “for $50,000 look at these 6 photos and identify the client from 7 years ago please


See also “  “The mystery hooker” for the 60k interview.



Joe “Numbers are Numbers” Hockey – The Scariest Thing in Australia

So great GDP numbers come out today showing how well Australia is doing.

What is Joe “Numbers are Numbers” Hockey’s response, well apart from proving he is a Numberwang world champion opposition Treasurer…

“The scariest thing in Australia is Wayne Swan”

See I am not so sure…

So Joe what is the Scariest Thing in Australia

Of course we have killer sting rays, heat, deserts, bushfires, east coast lows, cyclones  as well not mention DROP BEARS and Yowies.

Not to mention Brave Sir Abbott running away from Thomson, who is obviously the scariest for Abbott as well.

I wonder if Joe is also afraid of the following numbers: Growth at 4.3%, Unemployment at %5 and inflation at 1.6%. I bet he is scared of them, seeing as they have not been this good since BEFORE Joe was born.

Leave a comment below… what else have I missed.