Fairfax said autoplay ads to stop in September – it is now October. (Now November )

Now, I don’t want to harp on or anything… but hey Fairfax…

“Fairfax’s Metropolitan Media division is to abandon its controversial autoplay policy from September ahead of a major expansion of its online video offering.” ( AdNews 21 April 2011 )

Perhaps you are using a different calendar to the rest of Australia. Or perhaps because you did not specify a particular year, you meant 2015?

Perhaps you thought, hey lets make a date so far in the “internet” future no one will remember.

But it is now October 2011, your autoplay ads ensure that if I come across a story I never finish reading it, I just go elsewhere. ( Update: Nov 3 – nope Autoplay videos are still there!)

Oh and while your at it, don’t have video stories when it is just a radio interview and all the content is covered in the text anyway.

The autoplay video is even MORE annoying, who thought that would be possible? When you have one of your “Live Updating” pages.  Not only do you have to hit stop once, you have to do it every 90 seconds. Oh wait no I don’t I can just go to another website.

(Oh and one more think, for the love of god, please fix your pages so that when I click “Show More Comments” please just show me more comments, don’t push me back to the top of the page and make me scroll.  Please look up the Anchor Tag in any HTML guide and use that. )

3 Responses to “Fairfax said autoplay ads to stop in September – it is now October. (Now November )”

  1. I’m the same.

    I do not read Fairfax news properties anymore. If I do get linked to one and the video starts playing, I close the page and don’t bother reading it.

  2. Since I have removed Flash from all my devices, auto play hasn’t been a problem. It’s quite satisfying to see the “video will begin playing in x seconds” followed by the “Flash required” message.

  3. But I quite like having flash on my machine 🙂

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