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got to love the last line…. yikes… would anyone actually say that!

Microsoft says it didn’t pay for the use of its Photosynth technology during tonight’s episode of “CSI: New York.” It’s just a natural result of its relationship with series creator Anthony Zuiker, and of his desire to use the latest technology in his shows, the company explains. But after previewing snippets of the episode this afternoon, I can say it’s probably more valuable to Microsoft than a paid ad would be.

As explained in this USA Today story today, the slick Photosynth photo-browsing technology is used in the episode to piece together and navigate camera-phone photos taken at a high school prom when a guidance counselor is murdered. The technology presents a collection of two dimensional images in a three-dimensional environment, letting people quickly zoom around to see different perspectives.

The “CSI: New York” characters refer to Photosynth by name multiple times. At one point in the episode, as they’re using the program, CSI Det. Stella Bonasera marvels at the “incredible” clarity of the images. It’s essentially a nationally televised product demo. Microsoft says the actual program was used by the actors, with no special effects.

But the kicker is when a detective, apparently confronting a suspect with the evidence, says, “It’s Microsoft’s world, kid, I’m just livin’ in it.”

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  1. They should call it Photo Sith, any more of that kind of caper & I’ll have to abstain from watching it.

  2. If I ever have watched it .. who can keep track of those CSI programs, they’re like an empire unto themselves.

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