Pizza Update….

Finally got my money back yesterday for the pizza that never arrived (took them a week to do it!)… wow prompt service and I got this email from Domino’s as well…

“Dear Wolf,

Sorry for the delayed response. We take your feedback very seriously and
have passed it onto the relevant store management who will be in contact
with you within the next week to resolve the issue.

We apologise your meal was unsatisfactory. This is a store level problem
and therefore store management are the best people to speak with as they
will be able to resolve the issue so that it does not occur again.”

I don’t think she read the email that I sent….  and what is with this “We apologise your meal was unsatisfactory” you have got to be kidding,…. it wasn’t unsatisfactory… it never arrived and never was going to.  Further it has nothing to do with the local store… I am sure the local store didn’t build the online system.

But then again they might have it would explain why it is so crap.  (Although i am still holding out for free pizza :-))

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