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Kind of sad when you think… I’ll just go up the road on my holiday to make a video to test out my HTC Desire for its video making abilities to realise that you had on you 4 different devices capable of making HD (or near HD) video…   I was annoyed I forgot to take my wife’s phone so then I could have made 5 videos :-)…. ah well… 4 will just have to do.

All of these sample Videos are on default settings for recording only, where I walked part way up the Elizabeth St Mall in Hobart repeating the same walk 4 times (yes I did get some looks :-))

Devices used were a Nikon D90, a HTC-Desire, a Nokia n95-8gb and a  JVC GC-FM1 PICSIO

Output formats and files Sizes

Device Native Format File Size Frame Size FPS Audio
Nikon D90 avi 112mb 1280×720 24FPS 176kbps-mono-11kHz
HTC-Desire 3pg 7.46mb 640×480 26FPS 12kbps
Nokia n95-8gb mp4 15mb 640×480 27FPS 96kbps-mono-48kHz
JVC GC-FM1 PICSIO mov 57.8mb 1440×1080 29FPS 130kbps-Stereo-48kHz

D90 Video

HTC Desire Video


Nokia N95-8gb Video

Now one thing I did try was to upload these videos via the YouTube app on my phone as a way of testing upload speeds… guess what… you are not allowed.  The YouTube App says no you have to upload large files via wifi only.  I really can’t begin to describe how wrong that is.  What if you don’t have wifi, what if you are on the road in the middle of no-where taking photos and have 3g coverage (like this shot).  I’ve had Telstra 3g coverage in some amazing areas.. but certainly no wifi… so how do I upload video?

What happens when someone sees something amazing or even breaking news and wants to upload it… well they can’t.  If this is going to be a true social device that has to change and change fast.

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  1. Have you tried something like Shozu instead of your youtube ‘app’ ?
    I’ve been using it for a couple of years now, largely without problems.

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