Yeah mini road trip time….

Just to Adelaide and back… but I’m going to take 3 days to get there… one day home… Might even drop in and see the Pandas whilst I’m over.

looking around mid July for this… Why 3 days.. cause I can stop and take photos along the way… and by photos I mean a lot of them. Winter along the coast is always a great time of year to see this neck of the woods and both the car and I could do with a bit of a head clearing as well.

Day 1 – Melbourne to Warrnambool ( 360 KM )

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Day 2 – Warrnambool to Kingston SE ( 386 KM )

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Day 3 – Kingston SE to Adelaide ( 295 KM )

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Adelaide to Home 727 km
Total Trip 1,774 km

plus gives me chance to reshoot this video as welll

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  1. Hey, you’re coming to visit! I must do a similar trip to Melbourne one day, though I think I’ll go one way with a hire car and fly back because I’m lazy like that (and I wouldn’t want to do it twice, Brisbane > Sydney was enough for me).

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