Seeing as the Coalition forgot they lost in ’10 here is the proof.

The Parliamentary Library has released an analysis of the 2010 Commonwealth Election
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Lower House.

Party Candidates Seats won Votes % Swing
Liberal Party 109 44 3 777 383 30.46 +0.76
Liberal National Party ofQueensland 30 21 1 130 525 9.12 +0.60
The Nationals 16 7 462 387 3.73 +0.16
Country Liberals (NT) 2 1 38 335 0.31 -0.01
Total Coalition 157 73 5 408 630 43.62 +1.51
Australian Labor Party 150 72 4 711 363 37.99 -5.40
The Greens 150 1 1 458 998 11.76 +3.97
Independents 82 4 312 496 2.52 +0.30

The take out from this… given the the Coalition are still unaware they LOST the last election…

The left won.

The ALP did of course have a giant swing against them. -5.4% is a huge swing away.  Yet those on the right, with there constant “calls for a new election” need to look at the numbers.  That swing wasn’t to the right, only 1.5% of the swing was the to the Coalition.  The vast majority of it was to the left.. 3.9% to the Greens.

Upper House.

Party Candidates Seats won Votes Per cent Swing
Liberal Party/National Party Coalition 34 18 4 914 205 38.63 -1.31
Australian Labor Party 29 15 4 469 734 35.13 -5.17
The Greens 28 6 1 667 315 13.11 +4.07

Here the situation was even worse for the Libs and better for the Greens.

Perhaps the push for things like the NBN, a price on Carbon even treating refugees fairly should be taken into consideration looking at these numbers.

Abbott might want to remember that in 2010 we voted more left than right!

Gillard should also have a look at these figures as well.  Rushing to the right to cut of the Libs is not a winning strategy.

Much like under Howard and subsequently Abbott the Libs shifted to the hard right undermining the support base of the “One Nation” party.  (Think ‘ We will decide who comes to this country’), Labor  needs to cut of the drain.  They will never be able to claim enough votes from the right to make up the numbers they have lost to the Left. A better strategy would be aiming to get that 4%+ of left leaning voters that went Green.

But then as they say the only poll that counts is the one on election day.


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