My invisible sky friend said it is ok to cover up child abuse.

On ABC News Breakfast, Father Kevin Bourke admitted that even if a priest came into the confessional and admitted to child sex crimes he WOULD NOT go to the police.

Using phrases such as “Church Law” (what about common law, what about common decency), he went on to talk about the priest in the hypothetical senario, but with little pause for the victim.

Of course it is the “sacred responsibilities” that mean he has to keep quiet. It is the sanctity of the church and the sacrament of the confessional.  What a giant load of crap.

The church says the confessional means the person has admitted their sin before god.  What an even bigger load of crap.

Where was your “invisible sky friend” when it came to the victim of child abuse.  And don’t start me on the “it is all part of his great plan” crap.

What plan allows children to be abused by those in such a position of trust and then allows that to be covered up.

I don’t care if the question was a hypothetical or not.  The answer goes to the heart of what is wrong with the church. Even after all that has come out in the last few years they still reach for an easy excuse to cover up a heinous crime. I don’t believe in any god, and yet my moral compass ( to their denial I am sure ) is more focused than anything the church can produce.


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