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last update for location tagger :-)

This is the update I was waiting for.. but now I have to wait for the firmware version (so that could be a while) seeing as I just got firmware 2 weeks ago 🙂

From Nokia Betalabs tonight…

“I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is Location Tagger has just been updated. The bad news is this version will be the last update on Beta Labs. Instead, location tagging will be integrated into selected future Nokia devices.

What’s new in this release?

  • Persistent log. Now when you exit the application, your list of images in your logs tab will not disappear. When you delete an image from the Gallery of File Manager, the item will also be removed from the logs tag.
  • File renaming. There is additional option in the Settings menu to rename tagged file. The file name will be added _NLT as suffix. For example, if the original file name is image001.jpg, it will be renamed to image001_NLT.jpg. This feature will allow you to easily differentiate between tagged and non-tagged files.
  • Get location from cache. As you may know from our last posting that Location Tagger tags pictures with the last known position in the last 1 hour. If there is no last known position, it will put pictures in the queue until time-out. We added a new feature that allows you to get location from GPS device’s cache.
  • Optimization and some bug fixes. This new version should run relatively faster than the previous one.

Load Nokia Maps on your mac/linux machine.

found this little gem today

Maps for Nokia Maps & smart2go without Nokia Map Loader

Works with any browser on any operating system, including Mac and Linux. No need to install anything on your computer.