I'm sad I've lost my gorilla pod….. did you find it in Melbourne?

Nikon D90 + Gorilla Pod SLR ZoomMy beloved Gorilla Pod, oh how I miss thee….

I think you were on my bag on Wednesday night when I was out taking photos, but do not remember you on Thursday and when I went desperately searching for you at midnight last night around the house you were nowhere to be found.

If I did something to upset you make you leave, I am sorry, and I will try and change my ways.  I promise that other tripod meant nothing to me.

You are the only one for me…  you are my party tripod, my fun friend to be with.

So you if find my beloved Gorilla Pod DSLR with Ball head, and NO mounting plate (the bit with the spirit level), let me know…  I have the mounting plate. And really I like my tripod.

Here are three places I may have dropped it on Wednesday 2nd June 2010…..

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P.s I really do miss my tripod.

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