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One of the #wolfcatcubs shows Riker how it is done ( playing with Google + burst mode animated Gif )

Eat your heart out Riker… this is how to get on a bike.

I can’t be the only one that saw this connection with the new pope…


The similarities are just so close…. and I am not just talking about how they look they same.

The LOLstralian – Paywalls and Public content ( How News Ltd plans it survival in the digital age.)

How News Ltd plans it survival in the digital age.

Step 1:

Create Content using publicly available information.

Step 2:
Place content behind a rock solid paywall. (By rock solid, I mean picture a sponge that has been shot at with a shotgun, the dropped from a great hight and shot again )

Step 3:
Embed public facing third party platform on your page behind said paywall.

Yes, News Ltd the world is laughing… but at you, not with you when it comes to what is happening to Fairfax.



Hey Main Stream Media… not everything on the internet is real you know. #melbquake.

Many of you may have seen the #melbquake video showing a cat strumming a guitar while the earthquake happened.

Of course if you stopped and thought about it, it was a fake. The camera person didn’t react, the cat’s reaction wasn’t right, the sound wasn’t right and the quake didn’t come in 3 waves…. but hey it was a cute video.

The “Cat earthquake Video”

The “Original Version” ( Very hard to find, you know you had to read the comments in the video )

And for the bonus extra laughs The Channel 7 news version.

Once again, traditional media seems to think that Youtube is like some wire service when it comes to attribution, really is it that hard to put the persons name in the super ( See my previous run in with Channel 9 lifting my content here ).

That aside, did either 7 or 10 even bother to check the video or in the rush to put something out (22 hours later) did you think no one would notice. It is a pity more people don’t question the content you show on your “news”.

Funny how footage coming out of Syria or Egypt often has a voice over saying “unverified”, but this content must be legit because it was on youtube.

I won’t even go into the News Ltd articles that were behind a paywall which featured nothing more than user generated content from twitter, that is a whole other rant.

Beyond pathetic, beyond lazy and if you were wondering why MSM is in trouble, wonder no more.


In a unrelated note: there is my “I survived” t-shirt.

Leaked… Hockeys/Abbotts Flow Chart for #budget reply

Breaking News….

I have managed to find a copy of the flow chart Hockey/Abbott will use for the Budget Reply.

Carbon Tax Flow Chart

…. I’ll wait till see if I am wrong.

Using history as I guide, I don’t think I am.

( Note: this graph can be used for any Coalition statements )


Have you seen this camera…

Have you seen this camera... by wolfcat_aus

I wonder if I can claim something as lost before it has even hit the stores…

or see this blog post This Photo is worth $̶U̶S̶D̶5̶9̶9̶9̶ ̶R̶R̶P̶ ( Now $USD 3300 RRP )as another way to help me get my D800


And people say Twitter is helpful….

People say that Twitter is great for getting help….

well I posted this

“help twitter… mrs wolfcat is holding my new 2xteleconverter ransom … she won’t release it until more chores are done”

below are the replies…

( The names have been deleted to protect the innocent )

Female: one is free to throw oneself on ones own sword, [howls with laughter :0))]
Male: if she breaks the teleconverter, you’ll have to buy a new, high-res D4 / D800 and crop 🙂
Male: 2 options comply or dare, comply you’re done. Dare she’ll break everything you care about until you’re done are we clear yet?
Female: Well do the chores then! #UsGirlsStickTogether
Female: no mercy, dude, no mercy
you’re on your own mate :/
Female: well then, you’d better hurry up and finish up those chores…
Male: Definitely by the short and curlies 😉
Male:  We have a policy of not negotiating with terrorists.

To be honest the not “not negotiating with terrorists” is about the most useful…

anyway I must get on and back to my chores…  review of the teleconverter will have to wait.


Update – the next morning…

I was finally told the secret hiding location… in typical Mrs Wolfcat fashion it was in plain sight all along..


Yes... the lens can get bigger...

… Next step the D800…..

McDonalds introduce IQ test in Job advertising…

well either that or the company tasked with making the banners screwed up.

Personally, I’ll go with the later.


Funny thing about web addresses, is that they need a full domain name.  Not sure when that rule was introduced… oh wait when the internet was invented…

Still, at least browsers are getting smarter…  IE9 bounced me to Google as the search engine for the result..  Firefox sent me to the US McDonalds careers page….

( This was the McDonalds on North Road, Ormond )

The real reason track maintaince is so slow in Victoria

This video speaks for itself…

Metro really shouldn’t have outsourced track maintenance to birds…

Gardenvale Train Station, Melbourne

Top 10 Rickrolls….

    In no particular order.

    1. Apple have released a new product
    2. Microsoft Security Hole
    3. Flash for the Iphone
    4. Famous Person does something stupid
    5. Silly Joke about breaking news
    6. Twitter release something
    7. Facebook release something
    8. Google release something
    9. April Fools
    10. 4chan do something