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#wtrip09 – 3000k of video

Here are all the videos… with a couple of caveats.. firstly I have had to kill some of the post sunset footage.. specifically the stuff when I stopped after dark and then restarted (but in those cases it was still less than 100k of driving for each video). For some reason they have just come out way to dark.

And it is missing the Sunday drive home from Adelaide to Melbourne. It was just to broken and missed a big chunk when my 320gig WD hd was totally full of hours and hours of driving video…. So taking out the 800k for the trip home and a few smaller trips this is around 3000k’s of driving around Australia.

The video was recorded video a logitech webcam mounted under the passenger visor on to a 320gig WD Portable HD via the Asus R2H. The video was 320×240 at 15fps and simply top and tailed in Windows Movie Maker then speed up double until it was under 10min each.

So here we are in order… (see this post for the complete route)

Day 1 Drive Melbourne to Mildura

Day 2 Drive – Mildura to Roxby Downs (Woomera) Via Burra

Day 3 Drive Roxby Down to Andamooka then Coober Pedy

The Big Side Trip – Coober Pedy to William Creek

Coober Pedy to Adelaide

#wtrip09 – The complete route travelled

Here is the complete KML file of the trip… This covers most side trips as well as the main trip up to Coober Pedy via Roxby Downs

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I still have a few more photos to sort and some video as well.. but at least you can see the whole trip now.

Too Late for Rain

The file is made by exported all the Sports Tracker files from my N95-8gb out to Google Earth, then topping and tailing the file to get rid of the junk from each end of the trip that is more often than not just the gps jumping around.

I have the Oziexplorer track files as well.. but they contain even more noise as I would leave the R2H running a lot longer and also it didn’t come on a number of the smaller drives such as the drive to the Breakaways just outside Coober Pedy.

Oh noes… not another driving video from #wtrip09

Yes… it is…

this time the drive from Coober Pedy to Adelaide… (I forgot to hit go on one part of the drive in Sports tracker so about 10k are missing from the start of the trip in the KMZ file…)

The Start of the Journey
Here is a small panorama I made the morning we were leaving..
Sunrise over the Dugout

The Journey

and watch for the driver change at 3:46 🙂

The Route

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#wtrip09 – The Drive to William Creek, the video, kmz and a picture

I thought I would start with one of the side trips as a blog post for when I got home.. it may take me a while to put all the stuff I have together…

so here we are…

This is the 166k drive from Coober Pedy to William Creek as a 6min video down from the raw 15.4gig 320×240 10fps video of 1hour and 46min.

The Journey

The Route

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The Destination
and here is a small panorama I made at the end of the World famous William Creek Pub on the Oodnadatta Track.
William Creek Hotel Pano

KML File came via sports tracker on the Nokia n95-8gb, Pano from my Nikon D90 and the Video care of the usual set up on the Asus R2h

Buy Too Late for the Rains

#wtrip09 final planned route – 3,490 km Across Australia

ah the great plan comes into play… Overnight accommodation for the trip up has now all been confirmed and our friends will be waiting for us in Coober Pedy…

Road Trip 08 - The GearSo here is the route (complete)…

leave Wednesday (2pm ish) driving to Mildura, then Thursday to Roxby Downs, then Friday to Coober Pedy. Leave the following Thursday, 2 nights in Adelaide, then home to Melbourne on the Saturday.

I will be taking all the same equipment as I did on #wtrip08, so expect tweets from the middle of nowhere and lots of photos…

so don’t forget to follow #wtrip09 on twitter

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