#wtrip09 Quick Facts and Figures

Been home a week now and busy sorting out KML/GPX Files, dealing with photos and putting all the camping gear away.

So here are some of the facts and figures from the trip 🙂

Red Earth, Blue Sky Country

  • Minimum distance planned for the trip: 4,203 km
  • Total distance (that is door to door): 5025KM
  • Total Cost of Petrol: $623.24
  • Total Litres: 491.17
  • KM/Per Litre: 10.23
  • Most Expensive: 138.9 BP Cunummulla
  • Tweets where I wrote in the Lat/Long: 48
  • Early MorningPhotos: 5000+ (including family Xmas day ones)
  • Percentage of Photos Geotagged to within 20Meters: 95
  • Hardware Failures: 1 320 WD HD Drive… Rooted when we stopped in Canberra (MBR error)
  • Roadkill: 1 Bird (countless insects)
  • Near Miss: 1 Emu (missed by 30 cm or so)
    Driving into Rain (B&W Version)
  • Total Distance of Video for the trip: Approx 3300km (will try and rescue another 500km of video yet)
  • Total Distance Recorded as GPX files: 5000km (only one Nokia GPS fail on a small side trip)
  • Number of Twitter followers meet IRL for the first time (Not including a dog): 4
  • Number of Bolt of lighting seen: 4 (number missed because storms hit the day after I left 30K+!)
  • Number of States/Territories Driven in: 4
  • Damage to the Car: 1 Stone Chip to windscreen (Location Dual Carriage way just outside Taree of all places!), 1 blown rear power outlet.
  • Most Easterly Point: -28.636305°, 153.637817° (Cape Byron Light House)
  • Most Northerly Point: -26.397385°, 147.176207°
  • Highest Point: 850M -35.275425°, 149.097745° (Black Mountain Telstra Tower)
  • Lowest Point: 0 Meters (Surfers Paradise + Norah Head and other beaches)
  • Longest Distance Between traffic lights (not inc side trips): 1800km (from -35.836815°, 144.907532° which were roadworks in NSW to Dalby in QLD)

Storm Over the Field

I will put together the driving videos and the KML files when I have finished cleaning them up.  Most of the KML files are a lot larger than they need to be as I would leave the N95 running whilst I stopped to take photos and wandered around.

The rest of images I uploaded to Flickr are in my #Wtrip09 Set

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