The problem for the word Marriage isn’t Gays, it’s Atheists.

The argument by those opposed to gay marriage all end up using the same line of reasoning.

Marriage is between and man and a women something thing GOD told us.

I have not seen one argument by those that oppose gay marriage that doesn’t end up with God, the bible or tradition.  The problem therefore isn’t gay marriage, but all us atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, Pastafarians etc.  See we don’t believe in either the same God or even a God.

Turns out it used to be if you wanted to get married you didn’t need a priest or a church. That didn’t come to Europe until 1563, also at which time the Catholic church added the man/women bit. Even the Romans and Chinese were comfortable with a bit of the gay marriage as well.

Australia is despite what a number of people would like to believe a multicultural society. That for those who did pay attention in school means we have lots of cultures.  Whilst being gay isn’t a cultural choice, (despite what some Christian hate mongers would have you believe) it can be argued it is a culture never the less.

Of course if only a woman and a man get married that will never end in divorce an abusive relationship, no children, or heaven forbid one of the couple working out “actually I’d rather bat for the other team”. When gay marriage is legal some of these things will happen to them as well.

The list of bad things that will happen if gay marriage comes into Australia is below.

  1. Some Fabulous Darling weddings will happen
  2. Lots of magazines will have photos of designer suits
  3. A Lot of tacky weddings will happen
  4. People will spend too long at the alter etc doing really bad kisses with too much tongue.

Ok, fine, these things happen with straight people all the time.

So we end up at the fall back, “Let them have Civil Ceremonies”, we want the word marriage.

I am an atheist.  I didn’t marry for god, under god, certainly my wife did not promise to love honour and obey (although I am in trouble I don’t).  Yet it seems o.k if I marry.

Aren’t I and all those that do not believe in the Christian God diluting the word Marriage.

Wikipedia sums it up nicely “Marriage is a social union or legal contract between people that creates kinship”  So creating Civil unions fits this bill, so call them marriage.  Yet by not calling them “Marriage” you are implying that the Civil Union isn’t as good.

Once again, what to do with all those damned straight atheists.  You know the ones that get married all the time.

Those that are upset need to realise that all that needs to happen is that the govt ensures that “gender” is not in the definition of the term, ( it didn’t use to say gender, until Howard put it in to the 2004 the Marriage Act 1961 (Cth) ).

That is it.  That is all that will happen.

Gays will keep being gay (some may change their mind), straights will keep being straight (some may change their mind) and the world will keep turning.

Finally, people need to stop and remember; enabling Gay Marriage will NOT in any way make it compulsory for straight people.  If you are straight, you will be able to remain that way and not have to marry a gay person.



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  1. In fact wasn’t marriage a term used for business partnerships originally? Certainly most arranged marriage were more for business alliances rather than anything to do with whatever it is that Christian marriage is supposed to be about.

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