Sandwich Gate – The unanswered questions.


UPDATE UPDATE – 30/5/2013

A second sandwich has been thrown at the PM.

Obviously this is a national security issue, that has got out of hand.  I expect Abbott to announce any moment that all sandwich throwers will be deported to Nauru.  Gillard expected to announce a no advantage system for sandwich throwers as well.

Watch this space for developing details as I make them up.

Great point from @MarioMano Shouldn’t the PM simply visit schools at 2pm? All the sandwiches will be gone by then.

Perhaps this points to deliberate ploy by the Government to have the sandwiches thrown.



Once again MSM ( Main Stream Media for you newbies ) is missing critical questions.

I am dedicating this blog post to address them.  Sure, I may have my tin foil hat on at the moment, but don’t let the MSM telling you that get in the way.

Sandwich Gate… the sandwich that was thrown at the PM as she visited Marsden High is already showing major signs of a cover up.  In the 2 hours since the event so much information is missing, I don’t have all the answers yet, but I am putting just a few of the questions out in the public domain.  I hope like with other high profile cases social media can find the real answers, the real truth and possibly a sandwich for me as well.

  1. Who threw the sandwich, what is their Facebook link and what is the worst photo of them that media can use.
  2. Was the sandwich even thrown.  Sure the PM said it was, but where are the photos. Where is the proof.
  3. Was the sandwich thrown by a boy or a girl, this goes straight to the heart of the misogyny/#womenofcalibre debate.
  4. What was the carbon impact of the sandwich?
  5. What was in the sandwich?
  6. How could a child afford to throw away a sandwich, did they go hungry, or was it more likely part of deal with the Newman Government to replace school canteens with Clive Palmer Burger stores.
  7. Has the media interviewed an expert in culinary ballistics to ascertain where the sandwich was thrown from.
  8. Was the sandwich the owners, or was it part of a contra deal for a better tasting sandwich, a deal that went sour.
  9. Has Newspoll conducted detailed push polling on sandwich
  10. Has Abbott claimed that the sandwich would be better off under a Liberal Government yet.
  11. Was the sandwich a distraction from Queensland signing on to the NDIS.
  12. How old was the sandwich, was it fresh or had it been in the bottom of the school bag for months, showing this was a premeditated attack with months of planning.
  13. This was a false flag operation.  After the success of the Howard Govt Gun Buy Back Scheme, Gillard will just before the election introduce a Sandwich Buy Back Scheme.

And these are just the starters.

I will keep fighting the good fight for you my dedicated readers.



The Downfall Version of this story…

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  2. This clip is brilliant! Thank you for giving me a laugh and reminding me what this election is all about.

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