So Google, given your G+ app chewed my data will you pay my phone bill….

Of course, it the middle of the night, I picked up my phone, went through 4 different menu settings to change that G+ would stop using wifi and forced it to only upload via 3+

Oh yeah and of course I also in the middle of the night slept walked through to the study and turned off my router as well.

Of course I didn’t.  But that seems to have not stopped G+ going completly and utterly mental 3 days ago.  Prior to the 9th of June G+ never showed up the top 10 of my 3g usage, why because it was set to only upload via Wifi.  I did notice that G+ seemed to have an issue the other day saying backup failed, “retry”.  I suspect it got stuck in a loop, but why it suddenly stopped using Wifi and went to 3g I fail to understand why, esp when the phone was at home most of the weekened anyway did it try and upload via 3g.

As for Vodafone, the fact that you send me a notifiation when my bill is already 8times over normal spend leaves a hell of a lot to be desired, then sending me a message 24 hours later, saying, oh you know that $200 bill we sent you, well we were wrong it is now $400…  ( Update: Thanks to the guys and girls at Vodafone for sorting this issue out, well done for a prompt response via @vodafoneau_help )

Standard Data usage below….



And then Google + goes nuts….

For an app that never showed up on my 3g usage, it goes nuts and uploads everything, despite, not even 1.7gb of data being uploaded to my G+ account anyway.  Oh yeah and that small thing that I certainly didn’t take 1.7gb worth of photos and video on the weekend.

( Update I checked, I took photos on the weekend and a few short videos of the cubs…. total uploaded to G+ less than 350meg!, not even close to 1.7gb )



So if Google could please just sell 1 of their shares to me, I will gladly donate the excess to charity.

Oh yeah and when you have done that, please fix your f’ing app.



( I have posted these screen shots on the Google + help forum as well….

please add comments in regards to fixing the issue there!category-topic/google-plus-discuss/fix/Yhm-w8dgFHg )

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