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Friends, Enemies and My Army – from Mark Pesce

how I spent 2 hours on sunday arvo….

“Friends, Enemies and My Army”, video of Mark Pesce NSFW preso at Next Wave.

Looking at the strengths of twitter, blogging and social media.

Unit Pricing!

Unit Pricing!

All these boxes are the same size… and they were all the same price even. But they were not the same.

now given that head of coles, or someone like that came out today and said that people would just be confused by unit pricing...

“Correction… they say they want to do it… but it will take at least 12 months”

“Mr McMahon also said the issue of unit pricing, in which prices are listed according to an item’s weight or size, was one that Coles supported, adding it expected to be able to introduce full unit pricing over a period of 12 months.”

But take a look at this photo.95,100 and 110 tissues… so one works out cheaper than the other!.. The more interesting thing is the the yellow box used to contain 100 tissues, but now it only contains 95. Of course the price didn’t change just the contents of the box. Sure it is only a few cents we are talking about but it really peeves me off.

I found a tin of spag that was 20 cents more for twice the volume as well and yet Australians don’t need unit pricing according to the big wigs. Of course we don’t, cause if we did we might actually buy items that are the cheaper not the ones that make the companies the big money.

(and I do most of my shopping at Aldi these days and one of the reasons is that they do have unit pricing!)