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yep.. getting closer to easter and yes whilst the blog has been someone negleted.. in no small part to having way to much work to do… and really not wanting to sit in front of a computer again when I get home… I have been planning a new road trip.

This time we are driving to Coober Pedy at Easter to stay at a friends sisters dug out. Hazzah….

The car is booked in for a service in a couple of days… but here is the initial planning for the route over at least….

And yes like #wtrip08 it will be geotagged, geotwitted and geophotos to the death 🙂

Day 1 – Leave Work at 4pm and get a bit of the trip out of the way

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Day 2 – Long Drive

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Day 3 – Arrive Coober Pedy (Look at Woomera On the Way :-))

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Tweet 10,000

Well I hope this works….

(20 minute 1 take audio file, excuse the quality and the stuttering :-))

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This is me reading out all of my 760 followers 🙂   I have been on twitter since May 07, and have managed to write 10,00of these things.

I have made friends some of whom I have meet, many whom I have not.  I have seen twitter grow from a fringe of very early adopters to something that gets main stream media coverage.  I have personally been involved in helping cover the bushfire disaster that happened on Black Saturday and covered two earthquakes… one of them I may have caused 🙂

I have seen new words come into play and have had one or two too many drinks with a number of you.  Thankyou all for following, thankyou for all your advice, humour and friendship.



finally an update about geotagging software

yes.. I know I have been very slack with the blog as of late… but when your job consists of herding cats and then do html templates at the same time it all gets a bit to much. but back to the entry.

I have been meaning to write about this for sometime… and I am sure most of you have heard of it… but hey better late than never.

As you are aware I have a very nice Nikon D90… and boy do I love that camera. But the one thing I do not have is the GP-1 Nikon GPS device (only cause I can’t afford it). However what I do have is the Nikon D90 and my NokiaN95-8gb running sports tracker. Now the great thing about this is… sports tracker not only exports to kml, but also to GPX. And GPX just happens to be the format that Microsoft Pro Photo Tools read.

Fat Cats Playground
And this very clever bit of software will let me take the gpx trace file and point it to my collection of photos from the camera… match up the timestamps and hey presto they are all geotagged.

Now it is not without issues… namely it currently doesn’t write to the .nef files and in Nikon View it will break the pairing of the images. (which is a major downer really)  But it still means I can geotag my shots very quickly as well.

I will be watching the development of this bit of software a lot more closely in the future…  so I do recommened if you have a good dslr and are running software like sports tracker than can export out a gpx file… download it from here