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#wtrip09 Melbourne To Bris-Vegas

Here it is…. dates and destination have been locked in….

The Only toy I am missing is a GPS for my D90…. what I am thinking is the Solmeta Geotagger N2 :-), but have to get Finance Committee sign off. (but with all the other expenses may drop off anyway.)

I have to be in Bris-Vegas, either Sat the 20th or Sun the 21st, but will be working out the day I leave much closer to the trip itself.

Remember if you know of something along the way that I should see (or even out of the way on the way…) leave me a comment below.

Melbourne to Brisbane… 6 Days on the Road… and 2,185 km

Day 1: Melbourne to Barmah – 253k

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Day2: Barmah to Hillston – 384k

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Day3: Hillston to Gundaooka National Park – 362k

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Day4: Gundaooka National Park to Charleville – 506k

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Day5: Charleville to Miles – 407k

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Day6: Miles to Brisbane – 335k

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Red Bubble Calendars

I now have 2 Calendars based on my photos up on Red Bubble… 🙂

Remember I have a camera addiction, so please don’t be shy….

I won’t be upset if you buy one of them…

Selective Colouring CalendarBlack and White Calendar