We Must X-Ray every bit of mail now!

A short post on the clean filter which I think is one of the scariest and totally useless, ill-conceived and potentially scariest bits of legislation to come out of a country where parents are meant to teach their children about the world not the government.

Yes, we need to stop child porn.. I agree…. but the proposed “Clean Feed” solution will not cut it.  See the perverts spreading this stuff are using technologies that the Internet Filter just will not get.

So it is quite simple if the government is serious about this Australia Post and every delivery company is Australia will have to do the following.

X-Ray every single package.

Every single package that contains a CD/DVD disk, a USB key, a portable hard drive or god forbid a floppy disk will then be taken aside.  The contents of this disk will then undergo further scrutiny to ensure that the content is safe for the public to consume. (Of course it may also contain other information down the track that the government or more specifically a minority party finds objectionable, such as r18 material, gambling information or anti-religious sentiment, but this list will change on frequent basis dependant primarly on the numbers in the senate.)

Does this sound unreasonable to you??? Perhaps it does… but this is what is being suggested for the Internet thanks to Conroy’s “Clean Feed” proposal.

Go to http://nocleanfeed.com/ for more information and how you can help stop what has to be the silliest bit of legislation in a very very long time.

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