3000K of Australia in under 7min

This is the main part of my trip compressed down to just over 7 min of video.

Of course like all tech there were some issues, namely the HD died on the way to Canberra taking with it the video from Newcastle to Canberra and also meaning I could not get the Canberra to Melbourne video as well.

However this still covers over 3000k of Australia from Melbourne to outback NSW to West Queensland then down the Pacific Highway to Newcastle.

I recorded each days video or approx 500k of compressed video then ran all those subvideos to make this master file.

Enjoy the changing landscape of this amazing country.

The video was all recorded at 10FPS onto my WD 320 HD as avi’s from a logtech 3000 webcam recording into virtualdub. At the end of each day the video was compressed using Windows Movie Maker on a Hp Mini Note running Vista, then all the subvideos were compressed again, using the good old speed up double till the movie was below the 10min mark. Nothing more complicated than that.

Yes I am in the video at approx 2:45 when I got out to photograph a lizard on the road.

The Approx Route:

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This image was taken at 4min 22 in the video.
Driving into Rain (B&W Version)

(The Car Computer… set up)
The Car Computer for the Road Trip

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  1. awesome nm as always wolfy – the cloud action at around 3mins is mesmerising.

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