More N95 KML goodies…

New update to my Sport Tracker account… this is the KML of the flight from Adelaide to Melbourne.

I had the phone in flightmode and “forgot” to turn it off.. and so have the gps trace for the plane taking off and then most of the way home until it lost the signal somewhere over Victoria. If this page is blank you may need to refresh it to see this Flash app. Or you can just download the KML of the flight from the KML’S page… (look up it is in the Nav section of the site..)

Now the interesting thing here is the Sports Tracker account seems to have a slightly different path to Google Earth. If I look at the downloaded KML address I can see the approx track of the aircraft as I could see looking out the window… but that is not what Sports Tracker shows me. All very strange, seeing as the KML that I uploaded consisted of me choosing export from Sports Tracker and renaming the file once it was in Google Earth, the Sports Tracker version was simply upload to service. I will have to keep an eye on this discrepancy.

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