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“About Nokia Email service

What does Nokia Email service do?

Nokia Email service automatically delivers email from your current email address to your Nokia device.

You do not have to change your email address.

Nokia Email service enables you to do the following on your Nokia device:

  • View, respond, forward, compose and delete emails
  • Manage your email inbox, outbox, drafts, and sent folders”

Thoughts so far it is a 1.6 meg download once you give Nokia all your details and first born.  However it never asked me where to install.  Granted I did say I have a N95, not the N958gb but that is only because the 8gb was not an option.

Phones list currently is, E51, E61, E65, E66, E71, E9,0 N73, N80, N81, N95 plus I am sure all the variations there is of each of these model numbers 😉

But the joy is it works.  My email is on my phone.  Yet another reason to leave the umpc behind and get a bluetooth keyboard.

it is nicely laid out and it just plain works.  Good on you Nokia.

Nokia betalabs now has comments up as well…