n78 Update 3

Good news went passed the Chadstone Vodafone shop today and was served by the assistant manager (nice lass and should have remembered her name but didn’t :-))

Anyway quick swap and check of the paper work and a fire up off the new phone and I was done. Turns out on further inspection, it wasn’t just the camera, it was also the volume controls as well that were borked… Just a dud off the factory floor.

Anyway back to updating firmware.

One thing I have noticed that is bugging me already… and this one is really going to bug me.. The USB plug is different to my N95. WHY NOKIA WHY…. what it means is that when my wife and I go on the road, we will still need to USB plugs one for her phone and one for mine.

And one thing that is not bugging me… the battery for the n78 is the same 3.7v BL-6F as for the N95 8gb. So purchasing one spare battery will mean either phone can work (try and do that on your Iphone!)

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