N78 Unboxing - Vodafone Australia Version 1/10Well tonight I was going to write an entry on my N78 that was purchased yesterday…  but there is a small issue..

The camera button doesn’t work on it :-(..  So off to vodafone tomorrow and try and get it sorted.

Couple of quick observations.

Observations on the device. I like my N95’s screen, and the n78 is much smaller, and the keypad does some getting use to. The GPS in side by side driving tests was fine, the FM transmitter is a great feature, the head phone jack at the top is also very nice.

N78 Unboxing - Vodafone Australia Version 8/10Seriously turning a phone on, then setting up the software, then getting the software to update, then getting that software to update, then installing newer firmware.  To complicated.  Apple and Nokia are both the same in this.  It is a phone, but the underlying structures have a long way to go before it is all seamless.

If you want an entry level device to the N-series range do consider it…(pending how long it takes to get the camera button sorted that is)

N78 Unboxing - Vodafone Australia Version 10/10

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