N78 – part 2

Ok, have phoned Chadstone Vodafone to ask them to make sure that they have a phone in stock for tomorrow as it is the soonest we can get in to swap the phone.  However they can not guarantee they will have one in stock!

They have some (but will not say how many, and will not put one on hold for even 24 hours as ours is technically DOA!)

We are heading to a big fail, unless they just swap the phone out tomorrow I will not be happy.   I think part of the issue comes from the fact I know more than the sales people about the phones 🙂

The catch is they were doing very well up until this point.  We walked past the shop on Saturday saw they had the advertising and asked about the phone.  The guy went out the back, unboxed a phone and brought it out with a battery and it fired up.  All in 5 min, very slick. Thus why we brought it then and ther.  We had tried to see the phone a month earlier at Organiser World in the city.  They brought out the box and said see this is the phone…  thus they missed ou on the sale that vodafone got:-)

Will keep you updated 🙂

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  1. Isn’t there a cooling off period where you can just take it back and say, “Nay, don’t want it anymore” and get out of contract and/or money back? And while doing so, let them know they are useless?

  2. I’ll be looking into that if I get no joy tomorrow 🙂 I am trying to be optimistic 🙂

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