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Coming and Going… Train Images

Actually I am not a train spotter but these two photos worked out very well I thought, but all I can tell you is that it is the train the went past as I was walking back to the car after getting India takeaway 🙂

Click on Images for bigger version as well.


And it true Nokia nerd fashion, they are fully geotagged as well.

Google Map Link

Latitude: S 37° 54′ 19.25″
Longitude: E 145° 2′ 21.36″
Altitude: 37

And whats wrong with this letter…

Ah the joys of house moving continue….  up to the wait 5 hours for someone to turn the phone on… (wow was that fun… well at least I was at work and my beloved had that tiresome task).  But the move continues forward.  Once again we have been graced with more moving letters… this one in beautiful engrish deserves to be shared…

All the typo’s misspellings and bad grammar are the original authors… ( and for once not mine)

Dear occupant:

Attention you may move out from your recent place soon, give a clean and
wonderful house to the new occupant or back to your agent is very necessary.
Do you find you have no idea to clean the carpet?

Do you find it is difficult to clean your greasy kitchen?

Do you find you can not turn your bathroom sparkling?

Do you find you even don’t have time to waste on your house cleaning?

Do you worry about you can not get your entire bond back from your agent?

If you have any problem which I mentioned above, please do not hesitate to
contact us on **********. What are we providing is the best service and the
reasonable price.

There are the referenced prices below:

Carpet clean:

From $40(25M*M) plus $1/I M*M

House clean:
One room house: $120(1 bedroom, I bathroom, I kitchen)

Plus $20/room, $30/barthroom

If the condition is extremely awful, the price should be discussible.

Call us you can get a free evaluation service then you can decide you accept
the service or not. Tax invoice available.